2015 Repertoire

The St. Vitus Dancers perform a wide range of historical music & dances that fit into the renaissance theme including English country dances, Italian folk dances, Irish dances, and more. We even perform a French sword dance called Buffens, where the dancers swing and engage their partners with actual steel swords. Here’s the set list for 2015!

Performance Dances

Dance Style Video
Bare Necessities English Country St. Vitus Performing Bare Necessities
Bella Gioiosa Italian St. Vitus Performing Bella Gioiosa
Black Nag English Country
Buffens French St. Vitus Performing Buffens
Cuckolds All a Row English Country
Dargason English Country St. Vitus Performing Dargason
Dull Sir John English Country
Fairy Reel Irish Ceili
Female Sailor
Masters In This Hall
English Country St. Vitus Performing Female Sailor
Gae Gordons Scottish
Gathering Peascods English Country St. Vitus Musicians Performing Gathering Peascods
Gracca Amorosa Italian
Heralds in Love English Country
Jenny Pluck Pears English Country
John Tallows Cannon
Mage on a Cree English Country
Mairi’s Wedding Irish Ceili
Merry Merry Milkmaids English Country
Prendente in Giro Italian
Saltarello La Regina Italian
Scots Bransle French
Siege of Carrik Irish Ceili
Stingo English Country
Tourdian Italian
Trenchmore English

Audience Teaching Dances

Dance Style Video
Canterbury Bransle English Country
Half Hanikin English Country
Revols Folly
Hole in the Wall
Horses Bransle English Country
Korabushka Russian inspired
Montarde Bransle French
Maltese Bransle
English Country
Official Bransle
Ding Dong Merrily on High
French St. Vitus Teaching Official Bransle
Petit Vriense Italian
Sellenger’s Round English Country