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All about the Bransle dance style

All about the Bransle dance style A Bransle (pronounced Brawl in English and also spelled brangle, brawl, brawle, brall(e), braul(e), brantle, or brainle.) is a renaissance dance style from the 16th-century.The word is derived from the French verb branler (to shake). Bransles are the simplest of the known renaissance dances, and usually the first to be taught. History The only detailed sources for the dance…


Non-historic songs we play

Non-historic songs we play We’re a renaissance group, so you’d think we’d play strictly renaissance music, right? Well, that’s a tough call to make. You will notice a lot of renaissance festivals are more of a fantasy faire instead of a strictly historic reenactment. There are fairies, dragons, and even carnival rides! So our challenge…