Join the Troupe!

The St. Vitus Dancers are always looking for more members! Our troupe is a friendly, family-like group that has fun at festivals and other events year-round.

The best way to try us out is to come to one of our FREE local meetups! Check out our calendar or facebook page for our next event. If you know you’re ready to perform with us, or simply have more questions, send us a message!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to dance, can I still join?

Absolutely! We teach all of the steps and choreography and many of the dances are very simple. No dance experience is necessary.

I don't want to perform, can I still join?

Sure!  You’re welcome at all of our free, local meetups. Just show up and start dancing or playing music!

Is performing at KCRF a big commitment?

For our Kansas City Renaissance Festival performers, we require 80% practice attendance from May – August, and at least 50% attendance during the festival.

This schedule allows flexibility for our performers while also ensure we put on a polished and put-together stage show.

Do I need a costume?

To perform at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, you will need to provide your own costume.

Our group portrays villager or merchant class people, so it doesn’t need to be fancy unless you want it to be! After joining, we will provide you with costume guidelines and invite you to our costume prep events.

Will I earn money performing in the troop?

Not usually. We occasionally receive compensation for performances, but it is small and split among a lot of people. Our group performs for the love of music and dance, not profit.

Any age restrictions?

We prefer you to be 16 or over. Members under 18 will not be able to travel to events outside of the KC metro area.